Textbox in krunner greyed out on OpenSuse 11.2 fresh install

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I recently installed OpenSuse 11.2 on my desktop PC, and krunner (Alt + F2) has never worked from the start. When I hit Alt + F2, the launch app window pops up, but the textbox is greyed out and it is not responsive to any key presses. So, it is basically useless. I thought maybe this was an issue with the version of KDE4 shipped with OpenSuse11.2 and so, updated to the latest version of KDE4 from KDE4 Factory Repo using 1 click install (from OpenSuse wiki). I even tried deleting .kde4 and .kde folders after doing this update and I still see the same behavior with krunner. What am I missing? Edit: Come to think of it, I think maybe Alt-F2 is not bringing up the krunner window. Instead, it looks more like the launch app window from KDE 3.5.*. I'll try to post screenshot when I get back home. (Distributions)