Terminalserver with Nomad

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi folks, for three weeks i decided to install suse 11.2 with KDE 4.3.1 to try to realise a Terminalserver. i followed the instruction of the Nomadsite (Nomad - openSUSE) At a first glance it works probably fine, but like everything in life the devil is in the details. What works: -I can connect with a linux/ms client to the server -I can choose whether i want the KDE gui or the failsafe terminal -i can login with all known local users of the ts (except the root) what didn't work: -I can't login as a root despite that in the security-section in the sesman.ini the "AllowRootLogin" is set to 1 -when i'm logged in with a user i have a serious problem with the keyboard; -- the layout seems to be a qwerty keymap (although xrdp-sesman.log says "using keyboard layout: 0x407 (de)" O_o) -- just standard - alphabetical keys are functional. -- the numpad works partialy => i can youse the "arrows" but neither the numberkeys (with numlock) nor the mathoperators -- the numberkeys above the qwerty works also partially i can use the "1","4" and "5" and some additional characters (with shift) from day to day i become even more frustrated. :( (Distributions)