Tclerror: unknown color name "black"

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have just installed CentOS 5.4 - I know, not exactly Fedora but technically the same right? Anywho, one of the applications I'm trying to run is PyMol - a molecular visualization tool - and when I start it I get a Python error that terminates with "Tclerror: unknown color name black" This particular application has two windows, a view window and a TCL/TK window that provides menus, and action buttons. The view window shows up but the Tcl/Tk window does not. I have another application that gives a similar error: "tclerror: unknown color name grey90" This application does load and run, but it is a much more complex app that is likely only partially hindered. I haven't found yet how this one fails. It seems to me that I don't have tcl/tk installed, configured, or enabled correctly, but I have no idea how to test this or how to troubleshoot the problems. Any advice is greatly appreciated! -Kirk (HowTos)