Tablet PCs (esp. HP tx2)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm looking at getting a laptop, and the HP tx2 (specifically, the tx2-1275dx from BestBuy) has caught my eye. But I have a few questions for people with experience with this machine. 1) Besides the touch screen, how well supported is this hardware under Fedora. Research has suggested that tx2s in general are well supported under F11, with most things working out of the box. But I haven't seen that many data points, and none more this specific model. 2) Is the touch screen supported? Again research indicates the answer is mostly yes, though it is unclear whether drivers from repos are sufficient our whether it might be necessary to compile some bleeding edge stuff. 3) Here's one not specific to the tx2: Assuming that at least the single touch capabilities of the touch screen can be made to work, what kind of cool, tablet PC applications and extension are available for linux. I'll admit that I was attracted to the tablet out of general geek curiosity; I'd like to be convinced it's actually useful. 4) Of minor importance, but still: The positive reports on the tx2 suggested that the feature that was least well supported was the fingerprint reader. But F11 apparently has better support for such hardware. Can anybody tell me how well it works? Thanks, Jay (HowTos)