T400 Images Not Displaying Correctly On External Monitor

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http://www.daniweb.com – One of our users has a Lenovo T400 laptop (6475-FM4) with Windows XP Professional installed on it. He has an external monitor that he has plugged in to his laptop which he is using to extend his desktop. If you open up a document (say Word or Excel) that contains images and view it on the laptops screen you can scroll up and down the document and the images are displayed OK. If you open the document on the external screen then the images are displayed when you first open it, but as soon as you scroll up or down all you can see are the place holders for the images. If you move the document back to the built-in screen they display correctly. I have updated the Chipset drivers and the actual Graphics/Video drivers and the issue is still the same. I have tried turning down the Hardware Acceleration but that did not resolve the problem. I've made sure that the Field codes option in Word is not ticked and that the Picture placeholders option is also not ticked in Word but the problem still occurs. I've searched the internet for other possible solutions and can not find any. I've seen this on Toshiba laptops before and never found a solution to the problem so I'm hoping someone on this forum might be able to help me? Thanks. (General)