System encryption broken with update

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – ndgrahams wrote:I have LVM on a single LUKS partition, with root, home and swap on that. Apart from making a boot ext2 partition and a large unformatted one (to be LUKS) separate from Windows, I think the installer did all the work for me.No modules loading in mkinitcpio.conf, only hooks: base, udev, autodetect, pata, scsi, sata, filesystems, usbinputOkay, as saharchie says, your initial ramdisk (via mkinitcpio.conf) needs a couple of extra hooks. Order matters. Since you have LUKS underneath the LVM, keep the order saharchie says. If you have LUKS over LVM, you reverse the order. If you have (HowTos)