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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – system-config-network 1.5.99 the network configuration gui you get to via the panel (system>administration>network) has some issues. first and most annoying to me, you are unable to delete any new devices you create here. second, when you change a device setting here and save the device gets whacked out of both the network device control gui (system>administration>network device control which is also a gui for system-config-network) and also the gui for network manager you access via the network icon - in short these three do not track together at all, currently I have two connections in one gui, five connections in another gui (the ones I can't delete) and none in the third gui (which being the device gui I would presume should have an entry for each device?). third and only a minor issue to me, when you make a change to a device then decide you do not want to keep it you are unable to exit the gui by using 'quit' (it asks you to save and if you say no it will not close the gui - you can use the 'x' as a circuitous method but that still seems like a bug to me. so... since I am clearly doing this all wrong to get it so mucked up, what is the secret? how can I get it cleaned up properly? (HowTos)