Syslinux fails to chainload raid devices, mbrs or anything

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Greetings, This is different, but here is what I wanted to achieve I wanted a luks/lvm arch linux install on a raid1 setup, which I accomplsihed. I also wanted a backup or secondary installation too. This way I chainload into the secondary installation, mount the primary for backups and virus scans. Thought not necessary, I prefer to do viruns scans and backups when the system is not booted. Primary Installation six sata disk setup: boot= /dev/md0 Device count /dev/sd[ab]1 (2 active, 1 spare) Bootlader = Syslinux six sata disk setup: Root=/dev/mapper/xx1-root cryptdevice=/dev/md1:xx1 (HowTos)