"Syntax Error sometimes due to corruption of variable value "

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http://www.unix.com – Hi , I have script as follows , #!/usr/bin/ksh -x if [ `uname` = "Linux" ] then alias echo="echo -e" fi MAX_ENTRIES=1024 nb_of_entries=`echo "$list_of_entries" | wc -w` # Set number of tables eval nb_of_tables=\`expr `expr $nb_of_entries / $MAX_ENTRIES` + 1 \` # Output the number of tables echo $nb_of_tables Here "list of entries" is list of PID's and we get the output as number of pids . ================ For this above part i get the following error , + echo -e $' 1\n 2\n 3\n 4\n 5\n 6\n 7\n 8\n 9\n 10\n 11\n 12\n 13\n 14\n 15\n 16\n 17\n 18\n (HowTos)