Switching Keyboard Layout in Console Only

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello, First, I have searched a lot on this issue, but trying what I found only returned error messages... I will try to be detailed. Issue: I am logging into an Ubuntu 8.04 machine using ssh, so I use a console. The keyboard layout is US-standard, obvioulsy. However, I would like to use french-canadian keyboard layout. And I don't know at all how to switch it in console. Give me Gnome or KDE, and we're done. But this is console only. Clues: I guess it has to do with the loadkeys command. Ok. I retrieved from the web a file cf.map.gz. Maybe ubuntu requires a different kind of file? Using "locate cf.map" I get nothing, except the file I have downloaded. Any package I should demand to be installed? (if yes, what do I do once they are in?) I tried using both the .gz and uncompressed files. Code: loadkeys cf.map.gz Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console Code: loadkeys -u cf.map.gz Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console Loading cf.map.gz loadkeys: cf.map.gz:8: cannot open include file qwerty-layout What's going on? Another path: URL: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf They tell us about some program, console-data, using root privileges. Intriguing, but I am only a user, and do not have any root privileges. The system admin. has never used another keyboard layout, and knows even less than I on this matter. Please do not tell me "man loadkeys", because it says nothing (to me). I tried similar stuff on my openSUSE at home, on a newly created experimental account, and I am equally unable to change within the console the keyboard layout (similar error messages). Thank you for your help. (HowTos)