Switching CT's : VFD-Motor

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http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com – Okay so here's my problem... I'm working with a problem about a electric drive (VFD) input and a motor output. This is a three phase power system connected wye-wye. There are two CT's (current transformers) placed on two of the lines. They measure the phase angle and current of the lines and simulate the third phase angle. The output data is fine: Po = 3,052 kW Vo = 7,298 V Io = 245 A However, the input data (current, power, and pf) are wrong: Pi = -3,037 kW Vi = 13,497 V Ii = 133 A Pf = -0.990 This would yield an angle of Phi = 171.89 degrees. Now, I know the efficien (Embedded)