Switching to 11.2, safety first - which backup option?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I am going to be using the holidays to switch over my laptop from 11.1 to 11.2. However, this laptop is mission-critical, and it's been in use for years, so I have everything on it, including all the latest 11.1 updates, stuff from non-opensuse repositories, etc. In case of failure, or in case there is a showstopper in 11.2 I have not yet encountered on my home desktop, I need to be able to go back to the original state with as few headaches as possible. I'll obviously backup all my data files (/home, /data, etc.), but can anyone recommend a system backup / restore method? I know of: HowTo Backup and Restore Images of Partitions... And YAST's System Backup and Restore tools Neither of which I've used in the past. For my requirements, I don't care if it takes long to create the backup, but the time it takes to restore and the certainty that my system is restored exactly to where it was are the most important. Recommendations? (Distributions)