Suspension, Hibernation and GRUB

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Actually, this is two somewhat-related problems, although GRUB is involved with only one. When I suspend 11.2 to RAM (aka "standby" in Windows parlance), suspend mode is achieved, but on "awakening", the PC powers up in a hang state, totally unresponsive, requiring a "hard" (power off/on) reboot. (Windows does the suspend/standby procedure correctly). The second problem is more GRUB-related. When I suspend 11.2 to Disk (aka "Hibernate" in Windows parlance), suspend state is correctly attained, and is recoverable and functions. The problem seems to be in GRUB. When starting the suspended/hibernating PC, the normal BIOS boot menu is followed by "Grub stage 2", and proceeds directly to 11.2. (The GRUB menu is not presented). (When Windows is suspended/hibernated, the "GRUB stage 2" message is followed by the GRUB menu, allowing me to choose 11.2 or Windows (or Ubuntu). If 11.2 (or Ubuntu) is selected, it boots, is used and Windows remains in the "hibernate" state). In summary, I can have a "hibernated" Windows, and switch to 11.2, back to Windows, (re-hibernate), back to 11.2, etc etc. How do I/what do I do to allow a "suspended" 11.2 to remain, while switching to Windows, then back ? (FWIW, 11.2 does not take that long (unlike Windows >:() to boot up, so this may sound like an unnecessary exercise. However, after much ado to have 11.2 & GRUB controlling boot management (11.2, Windows and Ubuntu) :), I would like to understand all options). (Distributions)