Suse 11.2 Unstable

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hello. I've been searching for a stable distro for my computer without any luck. I've tried Debian, Ubuntu, and Suse. My machine is a pc with 2GHz Processor and 30GB of hard drive. My graphics are Intel 82845G/GL (Brookdale) What begins to happen after a few hours is that the machine will randomly freeze up. By that I mean that everything that can be "clicked" on on the screen is unresponsive -- I can move my mouse around but clicking doesn't do anything. In addition, my keyboard is froze so nothing I type works. Also, there is no way to bring up another terminal (ALT-F2 does nothing) The only thing that unfreezes the computer and reboots it is Alt-SysRq-r-s-e-i-u-b. take care. (HowTos)