Suse 11.1, XFCE 4.4.3 won't shutdown or restart.

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Pressing the shutdown or restart buttons in XFCE simply logs me out and leaves the system running. I did some Googling and it was suggested that by default users don't have permission to shutdown. (not sure how this is a XFCE specific problem in that case but moving on...) I've taken the following advice found on this forum: Quote: Originally Posted by kingf451 (Hozzászólás 1984813) For a "desktop" system that wants to protect itself from casual attacks (and "puzzled penguins"), but still grant the user control of their system, run the following as "root": USER=<your_userid> polkit-auth --show-obtainable | while read OPT; do polkit-auth --user $USER --grant $OPT done Where <your_userid> is the name of your unprivileged account. I wasn't entirely sure how to run it, so I stuck it into a shell script and ran that with the sudo command. Needless to say it hasn't worked. Is there an easy "sure fire" way to fix this problem, hitting the shutdown button repeatedly to test really grates on you after a while. BTW, Pressing the power button on the front of the system shuts it down okay. Thanks in advance. (Distributions)