Suse 11.1 and windows 7 install

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello everyone, I am having big troubles trying to install windows 7 and suse 11.1 on the same PC I never had problem when using XP, what I usually did was: 1) Install XP first, leaving during the disk partitioning an unallocated space for the linux installation 2) Install suse on the unallocated disk space; linux recognized automatically the windows partition and set the proper mount points for it. Now I am trying to do the same with windows 7, but I get the message "Impossible to resize the ... windows partition due to fs inconsistency" I don't know why it tries resizing instead of just mounting, how it used to do on Windows XP. On Windows I have an OEM partition, a Recovery partition (NTFS) and two others set by me (NTFS and FAT32). I got the PC with windows already installed, the OEM partition should be for the DELL utilities if I have to reinstall, the Recovery partition was also already set. what makes me wonder is that if I look in disk management the OEM partition has no filesystem type declared, and actually when I try to install linux the OEM partition is not recognized at all. Could this be a reason for being unable to set the windows mount points? In this case I should make a complete installation of windows 7 and retry. If it is a different reason, I cannot imagine what is it. I already tried defragmenting the windows disk or turning off the swap disk space, it did nothing I really hope someone can help, thanks (Distributions)