Surprising things in F12

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I love Fedora, and haven't used anything else for several years now. But there's one thing that keeps surprising me about it. I've found this in every release I've used so far (from F8 onwards). When you install it twice, you don't get exactly the same package. As in, I don't. I use exactly the same settings during install, but not always the same things run. The first time, for example, I was very very impressed, as everything worked that I needed in one try. However, a power-outage during an update f*ed everything up, and I decided to reinstall (from the same disk!). Now, when I install the Opera 10.10 rpm, Opera won't open. When I download and run Songbird, nothing happens. When I yum-install conky (and put the script correctly in place) nothing happens. Something must've gone wrong, right? But why? At no point did I get any errors... Like I said, I've noticed this irregularity in all releases I've used so far... I've learnt to take it for granted, but I still find it weird, and thought I should share it with you. (HowTos)