Support Development Question- Cannot get Eclipse to actually install apps on this phone!

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http://androidforums.com – I recently got into programming as a result of attending a summer camp where we wrote a rudimentary Android app using AppInventor (fantastic program to start programming by the way). Anyway, I decided to dabble in some real programming for Android, and I hit a (minor) hurdle. As I was going through the Android Developer tutorial, I tried to run the app on my phone. Eclipse threw this at me: [2013-07-16 02:36:43 - MyFirstApp] Uploading MyFirstApp.apk onto device 'HT26FHX05561' [2013-07-16 02:36:43 - MyFirstApp] Installing MyFirstApp.apk... [2013-07-16 02:36:44 - MyFirstApp] Success! [2 (General)