SuperGamer: Open Source Linux Games Bootable on ISO

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http://feedproxy.google.com – ARE YOU SOMEONE WHOM: 1) is sick of dual booting just to play games using Windows? 2) Prefers not to corrupt hardened linux workstation with linux games? 3) Complains of not having enough games on linux? Supergamer is a permanent fix if you answered YES to any of the question! Fierce Looking Desktop Background SuperGamer is a games oriented Live CD/DVD Linux OS. It has all the normal Linux desktop applications such as the Firefox Browser, OpenOffice.org, etc., but also has a great many native to Linux games added, as well as some demos of proprietary games. Here is the list of games it comes pre-installed with : Quake Wars Doom 3 Prey Unreal Tournament Quake 4 Savage 2 Postal 2 Enemy Territory Penumbra Black Plague Sauerbraten Urban Terror Soldier Of Fortune Torcs Tremulous AlienArena True Combat America’s Army Nexus OpenArena PlaneShift Drop Team Frets On Fire Chromium B.S.U. Mad Bomber X-Moto BZ Flag Mega Mario Glaxium GL-117 NeverBall NeverPutt Super Tux PPRacer Download torrent here or Purchase the Live-DVD direct from On-Disk if you feel 8 gigabytes will take too long to download. Source : Linux Journal Or visit Supergamer website! You might also wanna read up what Distrowatch has to say about the Supergamer linux distribution here. Related Posts: Nice 2-D Linux Game, Aquaria [ Free full download for 2009 ] SGLNX takes Moblin 2.1 for a spin! Part Two True "Plug-in" Linux Appliance from Marvell! Tiny Little Linux MID, SmartQ5 Make Ubuntu complete with these additional installations! (General)