Sudo is slow in F11

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey all. This is my first time using Fedora. After using Ubuntu and finding it way too unstable, Opensuse and finding it bloated, Arch and finding it confusing, I have finally settled on Fedora 11. The problem that I am having is a minor annoyance. I found that my default user couldn't use Sudo, so I added the following to the sudoers file: Quote: USER_NAME ALL=(ALL) ALL -- Where User_Name is the the name of my default user. The problem is that I can now use sudo but it is incredibly slow. For example if I type sudo yum install _____ It'll ask me for my password and then pause for a minute or two literally before proceeding. It isn't the network causing this problem because it does the same thing if I issue commands that are specific to files only on my computer. Interestingly enough I don't have this problem if I use tty, only in Konsole.\ Edit: in case it isn't obvious I'm running KDE (whichever version is default on an F11 x64 DVD). (HowTos)