Submitting awk script into cluster short.q

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http://www.unix.com – Hello, I want to submit my awk script into cluster queue as my job takes about forty minutes to finish so I can not run it on the main node. My awk script is like the following and I have three files. so, I write : qsub -q short.q Myscript.awk file1 file2 file3 It submits the work into cluster but it gives an error after some seconds.:wall: BEGIN{ OFS=ORS="" } { .......... nsnp++ if((2*nind+4) != NF){........} for(i=1;i<=nind;i++){ if(ID_num[i] in POP){ pos_deb=2*(i-1)+5 {...........} } } if(nsnp%1000==0){print nsnp"\n"} } } Thank you v (HowTos)