su from another user is not working

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – On this RHEL 5 machine, I have created a user "city.market2" and set the password same as the user name: Code: [demo@demowww001 ~]$ sudo -i [root@demowww001 ~]# passwd city.market2 Changing password for user city.market2. New UNIX password:city.market2 Retype new UNIX password:city.market2 passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully. [root@demowww001 ~]# logout Next, I am switching user from another as shown below: Code: [demo@demowww001 ~]$ su -l city.market2 Password:city.market2 su: incorrect password [demo@demowww001 ~]$ But every time I get the "incorre (HowTos)