Strange Issue: Internet only half-works on virtual machine. Web browsing, no download

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Here is the situation: I have a hypervisor running fedora 18 (el6) with virt-manager. I actually have 2 of these hypervisors, one is a dell 2950 (svr A), the other is a super insanely beefy R810 (svr B) or similar. The dell 2950 works great, perfect, but on the 'better' machine, this is the story: 1) i tried copying the image of an existing windows VM from server A to B, and noticed that i couldn't download anything. I was able to get to webpages, but when a download started, it might get the first return packet, so it thinks its going like 57 byes per sec, but it won't get anything els (HowTos)