Stop 124 errors overclocking Haswell

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http://hardforum.com – Trying to oc my 4770k on a Asus Z87-A board with 16gigs of Crucial Ballistix Sport memory. Memtest ran for over 12 hours with no errors. Memory is good. I am running Prime95 in blend mode and it's crashing after not even 5 minutes. I have my multi set to 42 4200mhz and my voltage set manually to 1.200. My cpu cache ratio is set to 39. Everything else is set to default. Not overclocking my memory, running at it's default 1600mhz. What could be causing the stop 124 errors? I am not doing a crazy overclock here. Please help as I'd like to get this stable at least at 4200mhz. Windows ru (Hardware)