Starting console applications in xmonad

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Trilby, nice, thanks! I've made a couple of changes: changed the order (first try to run a program in a normal way), and added the -w option to grep to avoid matching substrings:#!/bin/sh cachedir=${XDG_CACHE_HOME:-"$HOME/.cache"} if [ -d "$cachedir" ]; then cache=$cachedir/dmenu_run else cache=$HOME/.dmenu_cache # if no xdg dir, fall back to dotfile in ~ fi APP=$( IFS=: if stest -dqr -n "$cache" $PATH; then stest -flx $PATH | sort -u | tee "$cache" | dmenu "$@" else dmenu "$@" < "$cache" fi ) [[ ! `grep - (HowTos)