Stan Lee on his cameo role in Kenneth Branagh's Thor

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Stan Lee always has a good twiitter, he revealed he's going to have his (usual) cameo role in the 2011 Thor movie I hope thay make a good job of this one, Thor was my favourite superhero. Anthony Hopkins is Odin, and Natalie Portman's in it too :) 'Nuff Said Tweets soon get lost in the twittersphere, so for reference (newest first): Quote: # Can't tweet anymore. Due to Thor, I must start rehearsing my thee's and thou's. So, if thou objecteth not, I wish thee well! 'Nuff saideth # Of course, my previous tweet revealed the extent of my innate modesty. I really wanted to add "With me doing a cameo, Thor's a sure winner" # Yeah, I mentioned Ken Banagh a few times, but I warned you I was a name driopper. Seriously tho', with him directing, Thor's a sure winner # I went easy on Ken Branagh when we discussed my role in Thor. Told him I wouldn't insist on my name above the title, I think he was grateful # Kenneth Branagh (of course I call him "Ken!") said my cameo's set for the upcoming Thor movie. --To him, it's a cameo, to me-- it's a ROLE! # Hey, I got an email from the multu-talented director of Thor, Kenneth Branagh. Not enough space left to tell what he said-- stay tuned-- (HowTos)