sssd and ldap groups

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, I'm trying to configure sssd on my servers for ldap group based authentication. For the most part, I think my configuration is ok, however I have issues with setting the 'ldap_access_filter' attribute in sssd.conf. My setup is that I have a small number of ldap groups (groupofnames) as seen below: # server-admin, department, People, example, AU dn: cn=server-admin,ou=department,ou=People,o=example,c=AU gidNumber: 10925454 member: uid=130467,ou=Staff,ou=People,o=example,c=AU member: uid=435946,ou=Staff,ou=People,o=example,c=AU member: uid=micko,ou=department,ou=People,o=examp (HowTos)