SSL cert update for opensuse.org hosts in Nuremberg

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http://news.opensuse.org – Thursday 2012-02-02 we will update the SSL certificates for all openSUSE hosts located Nuremberg (see detailed list below). The fingerprint of the new certificate is: Signed with [email protected] key: pub 2048R/3D25D3D9 1999-03-06 uid SuSE -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 SHA1 Fingerprint=F0:76:9C:42:D3:F1:C0:ED:C6:F6:15:C0:F8:D5:C7:29:60:EB:53:46 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.18 (GNU/Linux) iQEVAwUBTyAnZXey5gA9JdPZAQI7yQf/d4OqlBnV4WT80cqI3DVGGcEacTSES8Ux dK0z9aW/UQWFTHGoQmDk8xcgHED/mHVAlywIPgccbleWNi3NND3+1EAvsxnR5M1m mdVsNYOEsGDrk/3qvP (Distributions)