sshfs with fstab: connection reset by peer

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi! I am trying to allow my laptop (Ubuntu 13.04) to access my PC (Lubuntu 13.04) hard drive through SSHFS. I'm using RSA keys to connect. It works perfectly fine if I type this in the terminal: Code: sshfs my-PC:/a_folder /media/a_folder But I would like it to be mounted automatically when I boot my laptop. So I added myself to the fuse group: Code: sudo adduser mynickname fuse And I added the following line to my fstab file: Code: sshfs#mynickname@my-PC:/a_folder /media/a_folder fuse defaults,idmap=user,_netdev 0 0 When I boot the laptop, a_folder appears i (Hardware)