SSH Tip for the Day

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http://feedproxy.google.com – When you are forwarding ports through a tunnel, either locally or remotely (i.e., with the -L or -R switches), you can modify the session real-time. The way that you do this is after you start the session, you press SHIFT + ` + c (The ` key also has a ~ in it, which is the actual keypress sent to the session). If it doesn’t work the first time, press ENTER a couple of times and try it again. Once you get the “ssh>” prompt, type “?” for the commands you can put in. Here’s an example session: [0908][scott@dev:~]$ ssh -R 8080:suseblog.com:8080 [email protected] Password: Last login: Thu Oct 15 11:59:43 2009 from Have a lot of fun... [1109][scott@mail:~]$ [PRESS SHIFT + ` + c HERE] ssh> ? Commands: -L[bind_address:]port:host:hostport Request local forward -R[bind_address:]port:host:hostport Request remote forward -KR[bind_address:]port Cancel remote forward [PRESS ENTER HERE] [1110][scott@mail:~]$ [PRESS SHIFT + ` + c HERE] ssh> -R8080:letslearnlinux.com:1080 Forwarding port. [1110][scott@mail:~]$ OpenSSH has got to be one of the freakin’ sweetest tools *EVAR*. Anyway, enjoy! (Distributions)