ssh dialog window about unlocking private key

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have Fedora 11 installed on one machine A and Fedora 9 on another B If I do ssh B from A (or scp) I get a window asking me to enter the password to unlock my private keyt Neither my login password nor my root password works. But if I click Deny, it goes away and the ordinary ssh dialog continues in the terminal window allowing me to enter my password on B and continue. So right now this is just an annoyance, but I would like to resolve it. From a google search, I gather that if I remove ~/.gnome/keyrings or perhaps .login.keyring) in that directory---I don't remember which, that will resolve the problem. The ubuntu forums seem to think this is a bug. But I remember when setting up ssh on A in the first place after installing Fedora 11, there was some extra stuff I had to do beyond what was was needed before. I may have set some other key somewhere. I would like first of all to know what is going on and secondly how to reset the key to something I will remember. (HowTos)