SSH connection problems

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello I am new to Linux, so I'm still quite the newbie. My problem is that I cannot connect from one server to another by SSH. The situation: Client server: SSH on standard port 22 Remote server: SSH on non-standard port 2233 Current conditions: 1) I can connect to the remote server from a different client server (a third server that is not listed above) that is also running SSH on port 2233. 2) I can use the remote server to connect to the client server over SSH on port 22 3) I can connect from the client server a different remote server (a fourth server not listed above) that is on port 22 So from testing, it appears that both ingoing and outgoing SSH connections are allowed on both servers, as I have been able to test these for both servers. But when I try the following on the client server: telnet [email protected] 2233 the connection times out, and when I try this: ssh [email protected] -p 2233 -vvv I get the following output: debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0 debug1: Connecting to www.remotehost.com [] port 2233. ssh: connect to host www.remotehost.com port 2233: Connection timed out (note: of course my actual commands use a real username in place of username, and the real host in place of www.remotehost.com) I'm not sure where I am going wrong here, and the debugging output isn't helping me at all! (HowTos)