Squid Redirect first Access

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http://stackoverflow.com – Good Day, I need your help to develop a plugin for squid. The idea is as follows. User accesses the url eg. www.google.com redirected to another url eg. www.server_interno.com (with some information on how to properly use the internet) User will have to retype the url from step 1. After that, everything will work perfectly. My ideas would be programming. 1 - perl; 2-shell-script; 3-php; 4-c + +, (I do not like!) I found on some sites, drafts project. 1 - Sending Messages to Squid Proxy Users 2 - http://taz.net.au/block/ 3 - http://www.ex-parrot.com/~pete/upside-down-ternet.html Perhap (HowTos)