Squid Proxy Server

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi everyone, I'm currently attempt to setup a transparent proxy between my linksys router and my wifi access point. The hardware setup like the following Linksys Router --> Ubuntu PC (2 Network Card) --> switch --> Access Point --> Laptop On the Ubuntu PC, eth0 is connected to the router, eth1 is connected to the switch I've read on how to setup transparent proxy using squid and seems to done all setting properly. When I was about to test it, it realize that 1) eth1 doesn't have an IP 2) Computer connected to access point cannot obtain IP address So as of this point, I can not test to see if my transparent proxy is working or not. So here are my questions 1) How do I make the laptop that's connected to the access point obtaining IP address from router? Do I need to setup DHCP service on Ubuntu PC and give a different IP range? 2) Do I set a static IP for eth1? If I do, should I setup the static IP in the same range as eth0? (eth0 now is, should I setup eth1 within or some other IP range like 3) On my Ubuntu box there is only Apache Server and Squid2 are installed, am I missing any applications? Thank you all in advanced (HowTos)