Squid Issue

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hello, I am having a problem with Squid. I have two IP Addresses on my Server. However i don't want Squid to use the Default (Main) IP Address, i wanted it to use the Secondary IP Address. Even though i've added the following line to my config, when i check what my IP is when using Squid, it still appears as the Primary IP, not the Secondary IP Address. http_port SECONDARYIP:80 Now how do i make Squid appear as it's coming from the Secondary IP Address, not the Primary One. Since i haven't added the primary one to Squid's Config, because i don't want it to appear as the primary IP. IE: Instead of appearing as: 23:45:67:89 It appears as 12:34:56:78 How can i make Squid appear as the Secondary IP? Thanks, Sam Brereton (HowTos)