squid cache proxy server acl rules guideline

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Dear Respected Sir, Good day, this is glad to hear all about squid proxy. the issue is with us to creating rules,policies we need clarification, is there someone can just giude to us. we are planning very soon to switch from ISA proxy to squid cache proxy. 1) say we have some ips,,, we want to block the sites for them, like flash,movies youtube etc 2) next for same above group, we have 2 schedule to run internet from/to time, say sat-wed it run 08:00-18:00, on thursday it run only 09:00-14:00 3) 1 more group there that has 24 hours internet some ips say,,, so the rule we apply in no1 and no2, we want bypass everything. can someone advise us, we post to various forums, read various example. but does not work out due to lack of our knowledge. (HowTos)