SQL Server 2008, should I set minimum server memory?

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http://serverfault.com – We move from this server: SQL Server Express R2 (has a 1CPU/1GB ram limit as far as I'm aware) 2GB Ram 2 core 2.1ghz To this server: SQL Server R2 Enterprise 8GB Ram 4 core 3.2ghz Everything seems to be working fine. Our MDF and LDF files for the database combined are around 600mb (we only run 1 database). I've looked at some memory options for the server and see that our database has a minimum server memory set to 0MB, and a maximum of 2147483647MB. Use AWE to allocate memory is off. Would we benefit by adjusting these values at all? Out of the 8GB ram, we have 5.5gb free. We stil (HowTos)