Splunk Augeas lens for Puppet

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http://serverfault.com – I am creating a custom augeas lens for use with Puppet to manage my Splunk configuration and I have a couple minor problems. module Splunk = autoload xfm let comment = IniFile.comment IniFile.comment_re IniFile.comment_default let sep = IniFile.sep IniFile.sep_re IniFile.sep_default let setting = "EXTRACT-fields" | "EXTRACT-useragent" let entry = IniFile.entry setting sep comment let title = IniFile.title_label "test" IniFile.record_label_re (*** let title_label (name:string) (kw:regexp) = label name . Util.del_str "[" . store kw . Util.del_str "]". eol let t (HowTos)