Split file into multiple files based on first column

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I have a file that I want to split into multiple files based on the first column. All records with the same first column value should be written to a new file named after that column and the new file should not contain the original first column values anymore. For example, if i have file f1.txt with data: Code: a, x, y, z, ... b,23,9s,3e2,... a.9,2s,xs,... c,23,sd2,23,... b,9d,23,ds,... then i should be able to split f1.txt into files: a.txt Code: x,y,z,... 9,2s,xs,... b.txt Code: 23,9s,3e,2,... 9d,23,ds,... c.txt Code: 23,sd2,23,.. . How to do this in a single aw (HowTos)