Splinting a Home Directory Three Ways for Two Distros

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I want to do something that would make my life easier. Problem: 1. I use OpenSUSE as my main OS for over 2 years now. BUT I like playing with a flavor of the month OS. 2. Virtual OS installs are not my cup of tea. a) You don't get a "true" feeling for the OS without it being installed on metal. b) I have a OLD cpu and virtual anything is painfully slow. Solution: Split the /home directory into three partitions. 1. Shared /home partition holding all visible data files 2. OpenSUSE /home partition having all the hidden .files and .directories for its configuration. 3. Flavor of the month OS /home partition having all the hidden .files and .directories for its configuration. Reasoning: I can therefore install another OS or Distro and just format and install to 2 partitions. I still have all my documents and files in a separate shared partition. Issues: 1. I understand why they made the configuration files in /home for multiple users, but when someone wants to keep trying out different things it causes problems. 2. I don't want to place my files on my NAS. I have the same issue. My config files are saved in the NAS/home/and I can't share it without headaches. Doesn't solve my issue. 3. A symbolic link (soft) won't work since it will not update itself if files are moved. 4. Drop Box won't solve my issue and just take up space. 5. Syncing the /home/ folders between the two would take double the space. Just an issue with videos music and pictures. 6. If I make any changes won't this causes issues with the operating system and applications placing .config and defaults to the wrong place? Solution I can't figure out how to process: 1. Save my .config files on a separate partition. 2. Making a link for each folder from the SUSE or Flavor of the month's /home folder to the storage /home folder located on a separate partition. Any help would be great or other ideas that people have come up with to help solve this issue. (Distributions)