SPARC T4-1/Solaris 11/Add 2 new HDDs in RAID 0 configuration

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, Couple of sentences for background: I'm a software developer, whose task was to create a server software for our customer. Software is ready for deployment and customer has a new T4-1 SPARC, but somehow it also became my task also to setup the server. I have managed to get the server is up and running (Solaris was pre-installed), and software works on it. Our server is SPARC T4-1 running Solaris 11. There are 2 HDDs in the system now (in HDD0 and HDD4 slots), and now we would like to add another two in raid 0 configuration (striped) for better performance. I'm fairly proficient in Lin (HowTos)