Sound works only for some types of applications.

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello, first of all I'm not a native English speaker, and more importantly, I'm new to Linux. I have used it for some times but never went behind basic use to use Internet, save files, write documents with OpenOffice... I just installed the 11.2 version in 64-bit. I previously used a 11.1 version, and on which sounds worked fine. I do get the login and logout jingle, and CDs play fine as well. My problem occurs when I try to watch a video on Internet, so with FlashPlayer, and also when using Skype: I get neither the notification sounds, and a test call tells me I have a problem with the audio device. When I point my cursor on the "sound" icon on my control board, it tells me the sound is at 0% even though it works for the above-listed tasks. Here is what my computer has (from "system configuration"), including the last two lines I get when I click the "advanced" option: HDA VIA VT82xx (VT1708 Analog) HDA VIA VT82xx (VT1708 Digital) HDA ATI HDMI, ATI HDMI (HDMI audio output) PulseAudio HDA ATI HDMI, ATI HDMI HDA VIA VT82xx, VT1708 Digital(IEC958(S/PDIF) Digital audio output) Everything has this same preset configuration: notifications, video, etc. Would someone please have an idea? (Distributions)