Songbird 1.4.1 released

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http://feeds.songbirdnest.com – We’ve run into a little snag with the 1.4.1 release. We’re actively working on a fix that will be available in a few hours. For users that have already run into the issue where the display panes vanish and the new feather only loads partially there is a simple fix — switch to the Purple Rain feather from the View menu. Songbird 1.4.1 is ready for download! Songbird 1.4.1’s main focus has been on adding new device support, CD rip support, and a new Feather/skin. We’ve included more format/codec support out of the box, improved the media management user experience, and continue to work on performance, footprint, and stability. We continue to listen to your feedback on Get Satisfaction, Bugzilla, and of course right here on our blog. Please let us know what’s important to you. New Features MSC Device Support Songbird now supports MSC (Mass Storage Class) devices. Sync tracks (and playlists on compatible devices) to phones and other MP3 players with MSC mode. Tracks in incompatible formats can be transcoded on the fly to ensure your music is always with you. (Windows only, requires the MSC add-on) CD Rip Support Songbird can now rip CDs! Automatically lookup your metadata on Gracenote (or other third party services via additional add-ons), and rip CDs to FLAC/OGG (or WMA on Windows). (Windows only, requires the CD Rip add-on… Mac support is coming in the next release) Purple Rain Feather OMG! New Feather! We’ve designed a whole new Feather for a whole new unique look. Dedicated toggle buttons for the most frequently used Media Views, simplified and more obvious Display Pane management, and a unique look all to our own. For more info on the release, please see our release notes. What’s Next Our next release will introduce video management and playback, Windows 7 support, continued UI work, and more performance/stability work. Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date, or if you like to live dangerously check out one of our nightly builds and see the progress for yourself! We’re always interested in hearing your feedback so please comment below and file bugs and/or feature requests in Bugzilla. (Software)