somebody cloned a MAC address and is using it on my WRT54GL router

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – i'm currently using a WRT54GL in unsecured mode, but with the MAC address filter activated. the reason being that i haven't yet got encryption to work in wicd. my son's macbook pro is one of the laptops using the network, and somebody spoofed his MAC address, and is using it to get on the router. i once again tried to set up encryption, and once again had my linux box unable to connect after setting up the encryption in wicd. after returning to the original config on the router, i had to play around with wicd for an hour before it would connect again. maybe my real question is how to get wicd to work with encryption. i know who it was because the person was sitting on the stairs near my apartment, and i checked to see what computers were connected to the router. my son's mac address showed up on the list, even though he was not home and had his computer with him. so i shut the router off, and went outside for a smoke. the unauthorized user went back to their apartment in a huff... (HowTos)