Some VLC 1.1.0 Facts

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http://linuxers.org – With VLC 1.1.0 on its way, one of its developers, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, decided to share some cool facts about this new release. And since we have always kept you updated with most of the news about VLC, I thought it would be good to share these facts with all you linuxers. The great new features in VLC 1.1, visualizations, extensions etc are no doubt going to make VLC way better than ever. This is going to be a major VLC release since VLC 1.0.0, released in July, last year. VLC codename VLC 1.1. is going to be codenamed The Luggage, because of the novel series DiscWorld. The Luggage, is a large chest which follows RinceWind the wizzard, a fictional character of the series. May be the developers got inspired from the The Luggage's power and usefulness to its master, RinceWood . This one is considered as a big change, since all of VLC's previous codenames were based on the characters in James Bond movie GoldenEye. < 0.1.99x Onatopp 0.2.(x<5) Onatopp 0.2.(x>=5) Ourumov 0.3.x Ourumov 0.4.x Ourumov 0.5.x Natalya 0.6.x Trevelyan 0.7.x Bond 0.8.x Janus 0.9.x Grishenko 1.0.0 Goldeneye Some VLC Stats 6800 commits have been pushed since 1.0.0-rc1, the first release candidate of VLC 1.0.0 2327 files changed, 429662 insertions(+), 346267 deletions(-) 139 different commiters The biggest commiter has 1822 commits, 2 other commiters have around 770 commits, 1 has 650 and 1 has almost 500 commits. Those 5 developers represent 2 thirds of the total of commits. Just stay in touch and we will keep you updated with the latest news about VLC 1.1, its new features and some cool facts like this . Source: Jean-Baptise Kempf's Blog Post | VLC_codenames (General)