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http://forums.opensuse.org – After a recent un-install problem, which should have only removed 1 package, Yast missed something and un-installed a major part of my system. So here is one way I used to get back things since this happened between back-ups. 1. As soon as I discovered the damage (while Yast was deleting my system) I waited until Yast was done. Immediately, moved things around on my system to make space for a new install of 11.2 to replace 11.1 which was now damaged. This involved for me just combining 2 data partitions by moving files off one partition to the other. 2. Made note of the exact partition which now would be free. 3. Downloaded 11.2 Dvd .iso to my hdd 4. Used cdrecord in terminal to create Dvd from .iso 5. Installed 11.2 using expert mode to reduce the chance that installer might pick to kill my 11.1 or data partitions. a) At the partitioning section, installer suggested to wipe partitions which I didn't want touched. (very reason for choosing expert mode) b) Chose Create Custom Partitions set-up c) Kept the swap partition as my swap for the new system Selected the previously noted partition as root and didn't specify a /home partition although I could have modified partition sizes so a separate /home could have been made. d) Installed using root as ext4 but could have easily done it as ext3 6. In my case, when I rebooted and chose to go back into 11.1 it was so damaged it would not boot so I rebooted into the new 11.2. a) mounted old root, old home, and data partitions so 11.2 could evaluate them. In my case, there was too much damage. 7. Quick technique to recover KMail saved Mail. a) Start kMail and define a very basic kmail set-up. b) open the hidden /home/<usr>/.kde4/share/apps on the mounted /home partition and select copy kmail folder c) navigate to new OS /home/<usr>/.kde4/share/apps and delete the kmail folder and paste the copy there. d) presto all settings, mail, etc are back! 8. Quick technique to recover Mozilla firefox bookmarks, settings etc. a) Start Firefox and define a very basic session set-up b) open hidden /home/<usr>/.mozilla/firefox on the mounted /home partition and select copy all c navagate to new OS /home/<usr>/.mozilla/firefox and paste the contents and presto firefox is back. ** For those reading this, while this methodology worked in a serious pinch on my system working between two versions of openSUSE every user may have differing experience. This how-to is for reference possibilities of how lost info might be able to be recovered when things go very wrong. Using variations of this you may be able to recover other program settings too.:\ (Distributions)