Some problems with CyanogenMod 9 Milestone XT720 RC fjfalcon

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – First a BIG THANK YOU, FJ for the great job. I have some problems with a build from 16.07.2012 First i can not move app to SD. I can move only 5-6 apps, and no more, so after i installed 10 apps my storage was going to full. /Sorry about my bad english/ I have tried to install Link2SD, but it says Link2sd is updating and did not have icon of it. I lost my PlayStore and have to reinstall the build. After that it was the same problem with a Link2SD and moving apps. My second partition is FAT 32, because the previous build and Link2SD did not work with ext partitions. I see that the second par (HowTos)