Some information about a .sh script that create an Ubuntu package?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I have to work a pre-existent shell script that create an Ubuntu Package of a software developed by the company for which I work. I am very new both in shell scripting and in the creation of Ubuntu package, so I have many doubts about it. The script is a .sh file. Is this a bash script? The second doubt is related to the first 2 lines of code that are: JRE_I386="jre1.6.0_35-i386" JRE_AMD64="jre1.6.0_35-x86_64" I think that these line are declaring 2 variable named JRE_I386 and JRE_AMD64 that respectively declare the JRE version for the 32 bit package and for the 64 bit package that the s (HowTos)