Some FAILS in the booting provoked for acpid (I thought?)

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http://chakra-project.org – After the lastest big upgrade I'm having some issues  in the load of udev, vhba and acpid. I don't know if it's related but the lastest package that I installed was acpid. Here is the boot log with acpid installed:Thu Mar 1 20:34:09 2012: :: Adjusting system time and setting kernel timezone [BUSY] [DONE] Thu Mar 1 20:34:09 2012: :: Starting UDev Daemon [BUSY] [DONE] Thu Mar 1 20:34:09 2012: :: Triggering UDev uevents [BUSY] [DONE] Thu Mar 1 20:34:09 2012: :: Loading User-specified Modules [BUSY] udevd[157]: RUN+="socket:..." support wi (HowTos)