[solved]mysqld %CPU over 100 with simple code

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http://www.unix.com – I must be doing something fundamentally wrong. Although I can't tell what it is. :wall: What I need to do is very simple. I have a table with a reference value. I wish to count the total number of reference values and put them into the table next to each reference. Like this: ReferenceReferenceCountdog5dog5dog5dog5dog5cat2cat2horse3horse3horse3UPDATE `AnimalsTable` A INNER JOIN  Temp_Count_Table C ON A.Reference =  C.Reference set A.`Number of Distributions` =  C.RCount; ---------- Post updated 08-30-12 at 09:52 AM ---------- Previous update was 08-29-12 at 04:43 PM --------- (HowTos)